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Stress. Friend or foe?

A bit of stress is a good thing. It gets us up in the morning and gives us our drive. However too much stress is a problem. Especially when it is chronic. And that’s the thing, stress isn’t going away so we must find ways to manage it and in the process we become more resilient. Chronic stress leads to a higher risk of injury, increased inflammation and stiffness in the body. We see clients who present with random aches and pains when they are really stressed out or busy at work. The pain may feel like an injury to the client, but in fact it’s just extreme muscle tension and inflammation due to stress. The pain can easily be sorted out with the correct stretching and training patterns for that individual.


Through working with a vast number of clients we have developed a unique approach to rehabilitation. Our aim is to restore balance to the body's system and allow you to become injury/pain free.

Our method allows clients to recover fully and surpass levels of strength and fitness previously held.

Injury Prevention

We identify faulty movement patterns and weak links in the body and correct them before an injury occurs. Essentially this is injury prevention meaning you don’t have to take time out from doing the things you love.

By working ‘pre-hab’ into your training sessions, we ensure that you can give your best, be your strongest and avoid the aches and pains that so many people accept as part of everyday life.