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All disease begins in the gut - Hippocrates


Hashimoto’s brought me to my knees in 2018 despite a healthier lifestyle than most. My hellish experience battling fatigue, anxiety, depression, cold Intolerance, dry skin, brittle hair, digestive issues, menstrual issues and poor sleep showed me that I could come out on top. Most importantly, I learned that the answer was not likely to be found in the form of a daily pill.

My journey started with me at an advantage having studied thyroid dysfunction while training to become a Nutritional Therapist. My journey was necessarily fuelled by multiple functional tests not found in GP practices (CBC, thyroid antibodies, stool test & FST tests) to get to the root causes as well as continuous thyroid research.

Step by step, I discovered what I needed to eat (and avoid eating), how I needed to exercise (and avoid exercising), how my sleep patterns needed to change, what supplements I needed to take (and avoid taking), what I needed to do to heal my gut & liver and how I needed to manage stress daily. I was able to calm my overactive immune system and heal my thyroid.

Now I dedicate my practice to the closely intertwined systems of the thyroid and the digestive system. Here’s to a healthy thyroid and a happy gut!


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Tomato Salsa