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All disease begins in the gut - Hippocrates




Hashimoto’s brought me to my knees in 2018 despite a healthier lifestyle than most. My hellish experience battling fatigue, anxiety, depression, cold Intolerance, dry skin, brittle hair, digestive issues, menstrual issues and poor sleep showed me that I could come out on top. Most importantly, I learned that the answer was not likely to be found in the form of a daily pill.

My journey started with me at an advantage having studied thyroid dysfunction while training to become a Nutritional Therapist. My journey was necessarily fuelled by multiple functional tests not found in GP practices (CBC, thyroid antibodies, stool test & FST tests) to get to the root causes as well as continuous thyroid research.

Step by step, I discovered what I needed to eat (and avoid eating), how I needed to exercise (and avoid exercising), how my sleep patterns needed to change, what supplements I needed to take (and avoid taking), what I needed to do to heal my gut & liver and how I needed to manage stress daily. I was able to calm my overactive immune system and heal my thyroid.

Now I dedicate my practice to the closely intertwined systems of the thyroid and the digestive system. Here’s to a healthy thyroid and a happy gut!


I hope I can work with you to optimise your health.










After my first 3 years as a practising Nutritional Therapist, I started using lab test results to base all client plans on. After another 4 years of practising in this evidence-based way and seeing accelerated client results, I have not looked back.


There is no guessing which foods to eat and which supplements to take (often a fruitless and lengthy process fuelled by a lot of trial and error).


The thing is, there is no one size fits all way to and nutrition changes need to be tailored to the person’s biochemical individuality for it to be a successful intervention. Asking someone to eat more vegetables and fruit isn’t the answer because not all vegetables and fruits are healthy for all people and there is so much more to a person’s diet!






Using lab testing such as Gut Health Testing, Thyroid Testing, Vitamin + Mineral testing and Food Sensitivity (FST) testing (depending on client history and symptoms), I can help any client to achieve optimal health whilst respecting their dietary preferences be that vegan, vegetarian or omnivore!


Testing allows us to monitor the results of their actions so that clients can see for themselves what has worked and what may need more work or a tweaked approach.


We put lab results together with client signs and symptoms and consider all elements of nutrition but also their lifestyle, environment and emotional wellbeing as these all impact our overall health.


My belief is that we should NEVER look at lab results only or at client symptoms only, we must put both together.





INITIAL CONSULTATION £230 (45 mins via Zoom, includes plan)

FOLLOW-UP CONSULTATIONS £210 (45 mins via Zoom, includes your follow-on plan)


3 CONSULTATIONS £650: Many clients will choose this option after achieving their initial health goals as a wayto keep checking in. I can then tweak their plan to account for changing pressures on their thyroid and gut health with the seasons and within their lives.

6 CONSULTATIONS £1250:A good choice if you have more than one symptom or area you want to address e.g. gut health AND energy

10 CONSULTATIONS £2000:Recommended if you have an on going thyroid and/or autoimmune condition e.g. Hashimoto’s


6-WEEK THYROID COURSE £480:(6 X 30 min Zoom calls over 6 weeks): An effective and economical way to turn around your thyroid health with a support system in place. Options to have lab testing done are explained and offered within the various modules.



I work with my clients over a period of time to move them towards optimal health. In our first consultation I take your full case history including targeted information around the current functioning of all of your body systems (every details matters). I will then create a foundation plan for you to start with and recommend which lab test we should prioritise doing first.

When your lab results come in, we book our follow-up appointment and go over your results, your progress with your previous plan and our next steps. With each lab test, we gain more data / insight into your health and this allows us to keep making your nutrition, supplements, exercise, sleep and stress resilience plan more specific to you. 

There is no way to do this all at once – it is a carefully strategized, step-by-step process with time for your body to adapt to the changes. This is when the real magic happens and everything starts to come together. You may look back and wonder how you were functioning before!

If you are still unsure of how to start, please do not worry, please email me and we can discuss how to best move forwards for you.

EMAIL: [email protected]