Beyond Balance rehabilitation


Through working with a vast number of clients we have developed a unique approach to rehabilitation. Our aim is to restore balance to the body's system and allow you to become injury/pain free.

Our method allows clients to recover fully and surpass levels of strength and fitness previously held.


We identify faulty movement patterns and weak links in the body and correct them before an injury occurs. Essentially this is injury prevention meaning you don’t have to take time out from doing the things you love.

By working ‘pre-hab’ into your training sessions, we ensure that you can give your best, be your strongest and avoid the aches and pains that so many people accept as part of everyday life.

Your Experience

The back pain you have had for years is substantially better after one session and has disappeared altogether after 8 sessions.

Your trainer, who specializes in physical rehabilitation, explained that your right hamstring was too tight, your left glute medius wasn’t working and your left abdominal had wasted away due to overuse of your right side or sitting slightly sub optimally at work for years on end.

As part of the process, you were referred to a renowned osteopath who realigned and loosened a few key areas.

This meant you were able to get results from your training faster. If someone had told you it would have been this simple, you would have made these changes years ago!